Beta Progress - Midway To Open Release

12/02/2022 News
We're half way there...

Beta Introduction

10/09/2022 News
Beta Users are all in today. Watch the video for an orientation and introduction.

Beta News

09/02/2022 News
What's next...

My First Shared Sci-Fi Scene - Hollow Asteroid

08/08/2022 Scenes News
A Sci-Fi scene created in SceneGrinder using just 10 unique 3D models.

Simple Succinct DM Costs Cheat Sheet

Ever want a simple and succinct DM Costs Cheat Sheet because your mind just blanks when you need it the most? Here you go...

SceneGrinder Virtual Tabletop 3D Maps for Beta

08/01/2022 News
Just thought you'd like to know that there will be numerous free pre-made 3D maps ready for you to use on Day 1 of the Beta.

Playing D&D 5e Online - Playtesting SceneGrinder VTT: The Invisible PC-a-pult

We thought you might like to hear a funny story about the ups and downs of building a 3D VTT.  During this Friday's Dungeons and Dragons playtest on the SceneGrinder Virtual Tabletop we ran into a strange "feature" (i.e. bug).

Review Of Iron Kingdoms D&D 5th Edition

If you are looking for an authentic review of Iron Kingdoms D&D 5e you have landed at the right post, since, in this review, we will not only review it but also compare Iron Kingdoms 5e and the preceding 3.5 edition

The GM's Toolbar

Game Masters and Dungeon Masters have a lot of options when managing a scene. This is a short description of how these options are chosen and used in SceneGrinder.

Adding New Characters To Your Scene

All about adding new characters.

Avatar List

Let's take a look at the Avatar List.


How to add effects to a scene.


Let's take a look at the Markers.

Rounds and Turns

All about rounds and turns in SceneGrinder.