Ok, so it’s been a minute since we posted an update, but that’s because we have been REALLY busy responding to feedback and making changes, as well as building out the new marketplace (coming soon).

(We'll be providing follow ups and screen shots for these features soon!)

New Feature: Character Following

With a character selected, tapping "F" will allow you to follow another character. Great when you have multiple characters going as a player... or you're just lazy. :)

New Feature: Better Group Organization

It's now WAY easier for GM's manage their NPC's across the entire campaign world by putting them into groups, aided by the new group a management window.

New Feature: Optional HTML Templates

The newly introduced HTML Template Support, an optional feature within the platform, is particularly advantageous for Game Masters (GMs) and Game System Designers looking to add a personalized touch to their gaming environments and character sheets. This feature allows these users to utilize HTML templates in creating a custom user interface and bespoke character sheets. It enables them to truly make their gaming world their own. 

Although this feature does support JavaScript for adding dynamic content, it's crucial to note that an understanding of JavaScript is not a requirement. In fact, only basic HTML knowledge is needed. The platform’s template support accommodates the use of CSS for style adjustments, allowing users to achieve the aesthetic they want, with or without advanced coding skills. This makes it an accessible and empowering tool for GMs and Game System Designers alike, enabling them to better control and shape their gaming experience.

New Feature: Character Pop Outs

Characters no longer have to be viewed in the context of a scene. Clicking the pop out button, either on the main screen in the My Characters section, or in any character detail in a scene, will create a new browser tab dedicated to only that character.

LIMITATION: Currently, only characters having an HTML Template (see above) configured can do this. (This will change in the future.)

New Feature: Scene Publishing

While basic scene publishing existed before, scene publishing “pedigree” is retained as users import published scenes. This allows authors to track who imported their scenes and to allow/deny re-publishing and copying.

Additionally, users who import published scenes from the marketplace can now rate those scenes (standard 5 star rating). These ratings appear on the import scene search results window.

Lastly, published scenes sport a new scene detail window, showing users additional screenshots, author details, and notes.

These are crucial steps towards the upcoming marketplace.

Crucial Fixes

Critical fixes as of release b1.35.6-D:

  1. Resolution of Sync Issues: Previously, there were issues with the game data synchronization across different users in real-time, causing discrepancies during game play. This issue has been addressed and fixed, ensuring smooth, real-time data sync for all players, making for a more cohesive and enjoyable gaming experience.
  2. Map Rendering Issues: There were significant problems regarding the rendering of game maps, where certain areas or elements weren't being displayed correctly. This fix has addressed those graphical issues, ensuring proper and accurate rendering of maps for better in-game navigation and visual accuracy.
  3. Incorrect Dice Roll Calculations: There was a bug causing incorrect calculations during dice rolls, which could greatly affect game outcomes. This issue has been fixed, ensuring fair and accurate dice roll calculations to maintain the integrity of the game.
  4. Character Movement Glitches: There were issues with characters not moving as expected or glitching, causing confusion during gameplay. These have been resolved, and characters should now respond accurately to player commands.
  5. Table Editor Fixes: Text editor in table cells did not save data.
  6. Log Display Errors: Some users reported problems with the Log not displaying messages correctly, interfering with communication between players. This has been addressed and fixed.
  7. Interface Responsiveness: In certain scenarios, the user interface was unresponsive or slow, hindering user experience. The developers have made significant improvements to interface responsiveness, ensuring a more fluid user experience.
  8. Login Errors: Some users experienced difficulties while trying to log in to the platform. These login issues have been fixed, allowing users to access the platform without any hindrances.
  9. Performance Optimization: There were reports of the platform running slowly or inefficiently on some systems. The developers have made important optimizations to improve performance and reduce lag, making for a smoother gaming experience.
  10. Optional Map Borders: Map borders are now optional. They can be turned on per scene in the scene’s settings.