Listed here is our roadmap for the near future. We'll keep this as up-to-date as possible, so check back often!

Character Movement

  • Add back “lock to grid” for movement
  • Display character movement points spent in the current round
  • Add a modified turn based mode where each player can do 1 standard move in any order per turn

World Management part 1

  • GM ability to invite players to their worlds
  • Enable sharing of scenes within the community
  • Ability to share community created game system customizations and the ability to replace an existing customization with a new version when it is available.  Note: as long as the customization author does not change field names, character data will not be lost when updates are applied, and updating is always optional.
  • Handout support at the world level - PDFs, images, URLs.  Note: initially all handouts will be visible to all players - later in the beta we’ll add the ability to restrict by player.
  • Trigger option to automatically clear targets on status changes (ex: when a monster dies automatically clear targets)
  • Scene editing - move the Wall building features to a side panel like we currently do with terrain and model selection.

Misc Gameplay UI

  • UI changes to let players see and easily clear all targets
  • Ability to link multiple models to a single character (and easily switch between models)
  • Hide combat/action result entries in the journal from players (these entries include NPC information such as AC and HP information, and are currently viewable by everyone)

Effects Part 1

  • Ability to define game system effects available to all players in a game system (ex: checkboxes to light a torch, use infravision, etc.)
  • Ability to link effects to an action
  • Ability to link effects to a row in a table (ex: linking a 30 foot radius effect to the Fireball row in the spell table so it will automatically be available to players that add that spell to their character sheet)
  • Ability to link multiple effects to an action (so you can have different colored fireballs depending on your mood)
  • GM ability to put an effect on a scene not associated with a character
  • Grid/hex support for effect template placement
  • Show the distance from the caster when placing a template

Scene Building Part 1

  • Ability to import and share scene models.  
  • New wall types: (1) block LOS but not movement, (2)block movement but not LOS
  • Hidden doors
  • Ability to make a copy of one of your scenes in your existing world
  • Eraser for the currently selected terrain layer

Vision Modes for Overhead View Mode

There will be 3 line of sight (LOS) options: (as of the start of beta only walls block LOS)

  • Walls and buildings block LOS
  • Nothing blocks LOS
  • Nothing blocks LOS for terrain and scene models - but character models will only show if the player has LOS to them

World Management Part 2

  • Ability to restrict handouts to specific players
  • Direct PDF page linking for players (it's already there for GMs)
  • Ability to display a video in SG
  • Support for custom dice (ex: for games like Star Wars rpg from FFG)
  • Exploding dice support (automating explosions and identifying the number needed for an explosion)
  • Ability to display multiple groups in the Avatar List

Vertical Movement

  • Vertical movement support (air/space and water movement)

Mobile Support

       Note: the ability to play on a mobile device was working but changes are needed to account for UI tweaks made over the last few months. We also anticipate other UI changes based on the items above - which is why we moved mobile support further down the list.

  • Ability for players to play on their mobile devices
  • Ability for basic GM game world management to be done on mobile devices (details TBD)

Sound Support

  • Ability to add sound to scenes, models, and characters
  • Ability to share sound effects in the marketplace

Model Groups

  • Ability to move groups of models at once (ex: all models on a cart or ship)
  • Ability to select a group of models and apply a status effect to the group (ex: turn all selected models invisible)

Scene Building Part 2

  • Model placement tool for adding models to walls (like we currently do for adding models on a scene)
  • Ability to make a scene larger
  • Ability to copy a portion of a scene (creating a new scene)
  • Support for non-square doors and windows
  • Ability to replace all wall textures at once
  • Ability to change the texture for a terrain layer

Misc Items

  • GM ability to toggle the scene building view between 3D and a 2D(ish) view
  • Player ability to edit a character without going into a scene
  • Ability to add a custom theme for the UI (color schemes, button icons, etc.)
  • Ability to share/sell all content needed for a module (scenes, models, characters, narrative, etc.)
  • GM and player preferences pages (custom keyboard mappings, performance options, etc.)
  • Effects that block LOS (ex: darkness spell)

Journal Revisited

The journal currently tracks dice rolls & effect results, in-game chat, and story narrative from both players and the GM. Once the community has some experience with the way it works we want to discuss ideas on how to make it better.

World Narrative Management

Currently narrative text can be entered as notes in a scene, on markers in a scene, on individual characters, and in the journal. After those parts have been tweaked based on community feedback we will create a system to link all of those narrative sources and give GMs the ability to manage narratives at either the global or local level - whichever they prefer.

Interactive NPCs

This is the ability to make an NPC interactive so they can do things like buy/sell equipment, give players clues and quests, etc.

Pancake Mode

This is an option to view the world in a 2D mode mainly for people on mobile phones.

Card Support

This is for games that use cards as a game mechanic

D&D Beyond Suppot

Import from D&D Beyond