About Game System Versions

SceneGrinder lets GMs integrate any game system that’s been published into the SceneGrinder community. 

Game systems, as we all know, can be fairly complex… each being an ongoing project it its own right. This means game system authors may often be tweaking or coming up with better ways to represent rules and characters.

To prevent mass chaos, we’ve given game system creators to ability to publish their creations with versions. SceneGrinder uses a very simple versioning system. It starts at 1 and goes up from there.

Why should you care?

Well, this ensures that just because a system author makes a new version, YOUR version isn’t affected by those changes until you want it to be.

When you look at your word’s game system tab, it will tell you if a new version is available and give you the option to upgrade to it. You can ignore this as long as you want, but when you’re ready you can choose to upgrade.

When you upgrade, SceneGrinder will replace the system driving any characters from the older version with the new one.

About Custom Table Information

SceneGrinder will also upgrade any tables associated with your game system.

However, if you have added new information to any tables that information will be kept. The only way you might lose information is if the author chose to remove a table column. Unlikely and if it does happen, it’s probably because said author’s new system doesn’t need it any more. (You can always add it back.)