Beta News

09/02/2022 News

Thanks again for the initial feedback - it's been great talking to everyone in Discord!! Based on your comments, here's what we're targeting over the next few days: <a

  • Adding more details on keyboard shortcuts
  • When you're working with scenes, we'll be adding the ability to pan the camera around using the WASD keys
  • Adding a slider to control the reticle size (you can change it now using the +/- keys, but someone suggested a slider on the terrain panel would be more intuitive and we agree)

Also, here are some short help videos we just made.

After those things are done our priorities will be:

  • Adding more models
  • Fixing some model size issues - mainly for the "modern" buildings
  • Adding the ability for people to start sharing/selling things in the marketplace. (we were planning to add that later in the beta, but based on the feedback we've gotten we're going to go ahead and start adding that now)

That's it for now!!