More Gaming. Less Work.

Ever wish there was an easy to use, 3D Virtual Tabletop that supported any Pen-and-Paper RPG system? Stop wishing! SceneGrinder combines immersive graphics with unique features like first person point-of-view and interactive NPC's you create.

Best of all, SceneGrinder is browser-based with no server setup or application download. Build your custom 3D town in minutes, or use a shared scene.


  • Manages Game System Rules
  • ​Streamlined, Intuitive Interface
  • Auto-Targeting with Area Effects
  • Tracks Initiative, Held Actions & Turn Order

No Need For Multiple Apps

  • Journal records everything - story notes, dice rolls, actions, messages.
  • Character Sheets track everything about your character.
  • ​Handouts & PM's from GM to players, and players to players.
  • ​World Manager organizes maps of all scales, game narrative, characters and NPC's.
  • Map Editor that allows you to create 3D maps... or use existing 2D maps.
  • Share & Sell Anything... characters, maps, models, rules & worlds.

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Mill Falls

Status & Timeline Update

We are officially launching our KickStarter in May. At that time, the application will be in "pre-beta" status. We will begin giving people access to the beta a couple months after the KickStarter ends.

We are estimating the official launch will be approximately 3 months after the start of beta.

PC's in the Hall

What does SceneGrinder look like?

Every scene on this webpage and in our videos was created in SceneGrinder, using 3D models that are available in our Marketplace. We already have over 1000 free models and we're adding more all the time.

Groundbreaking Virtual Tabletop Concepts

  • Interactive NPCs & Explore Mode
  • Automate buying and selling goods
  • Give players clues to follow
  • Create solo and "escape room" adventures
  • Let players walk around scenes on their own

PC's in the Hall

We invite you to check out all our features.

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