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What Is SceneGrinder?

SceneGrinder is an immersive 3D Virtual Tabletop (VTT) with unique features, like first person point-of-view and interactive NPC's that you create. Our system is 100% browser-based, with no application to download or server to set up. Runs on desktops, laptops, phones and tablets.

SceneGrinder is the only VTT that enables you to build a world where your players can login 24/7 and play with or without a GM.

Over the last six months, test groups have logged hundreds of hours on SceneGrinder, helping us to iron out the core features.

Key Features

A 3D Immersive Environment

  • 3D Maps (2D Maps also supported)
  • Maps with elevation
  • 3D Sound
  • Ambient Sound
  • Lights that set the mood and limit vision
  • Square and hex grids supported


  • No app download or server to run
  • Runs on Desktop, Tablets, and Phones
  • Always available

Multiple camera angles

  • First Person View
  • Overhead and Over-the-Shoulder views

Game System Rules Implemented

  • D&D 5e
  • Pathfinder 2e
  • Shadowrun
  • DungeonWorld
  • OpenLegend
  • More coming soon!

Flexible templates

  • GM's can add their favorite game systems, or customize stock templates
  • Templates can be shared in the marketplace

Game World Automation

  • Create interactive NPC's that hand out quests
  • Create shops where players can buy and sell equipment
  • Let players explore scenes on their own

Still Not Convinced?

Watch our videos for details on how SceneGrinder can make your game nights more fun and immersive for the players and the GM.

Featured Videos

The Basics

  • 3D View
  • First-Person and other camera angles
  • View Modes
  • Lighting and Vision

Game System Templates

Whether your thing is Dungeons & Dragons, Open Legend, Pathfinder, Fate, or any other system, SceneGrinder ether already has a template or you can create your own. You can even share them with other players.

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Lights and Field of Vision

Character vision is controlled by lighting and limited by walls. Control the mood by turning down the lights. Turn them off and your players are in an immersive dungeon where only characters with available light... or night vision... can see what's happening.

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