SceneGrinder 3D Virtual Tabletop

Browser-based 3D Virtual Tabletop supporting any role-playing game.
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Let SceneGrinder manage the game system rules so you can concentrate on having fun with your friends. Use any supported system or design your own!


Move earth, create lakes, populate hamlets and dungeons. Add notes on PCs and leave traps for players. Mix goblins and aliens, spies and superheroes. New models added constantly for various genres.


Players can track all information for multiple character sheets online, and store adventure notes in their journal.

Hero Forge

Quickly import Hero Forge 3d models to customize your experience.

More Features

3D Immersive Environment
  • 3D Maps (2D Maps also supported)
  • Maps with Elevation
  • 3D Sound
  • Triggers & Actions
  • Lights that set the mood and limit vision
  • Square and hex grid support
  • Use Hero Forge 3D Models
  • No app download or server to run
  • Runs on Desktops, Tablets and Phones
  • Always available (no servers setup!)
Game Systems Supported
  • SceneGrinder will directly support any system that has an SRD or OGL as per those licenses.
Game Systems Supported (cont.)
  • The above means that the D&D 5e, d20 and others like Fate Core and OpenLegend will be "in the box."
  • SceneGrinder can be customized to support any system.
  • We are constantly working with game publishers to create relationships that allow us to support their game mechanics.
Game World Automation (Coming in Phase 2)
  • Create interactive NPC's that hand out quests
  • Create shops where players can buy and sell equipment
  • Let players explore scenes on their own
Import Models
  • Import GLTB (Binary GLTF) 3D Models & Characters
  • Import STL 3D Models & Characters
  • Import Hero Forge Characters directly from your HeroForge account.


Players play free... ALWAYS!! As a GM, create infinite worlds and invite infinite players (with up to 10 players active for game night). Players can always access information and notes from the campaign, any time 24/7. During Early Release, your GM license is free for 60 days - after that keeping gaming with us for only $9.95/month. For the first 500 people we guarantee your cost will never increase, even if you game with us for the lifespan of an elf.

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