SceneGrinder™ Virtual Table Top

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SceneGrinder is a Virtual Table Top for hosting role playing games.

Your game is always available and always running... no need for special software or downloads... available in modern browser on your desktop and your mobile device.

SceneGrinder is NOT targeted at a specific gaming system, such as Dungeons & Dragons® or d20®, but instead allows you to configure your campaign rules right online for any table top RPG. You may also borrow and adapt rules from other members.

3D Maps

All maps are rendered on a 3D rotating "table." Creators can choose any image (usually maps) to lay on the table. You can stop there, or continue to create 3D walls and other 3D objects to enhance the scene.

Models can imported or choose from nearly 4000 3D characters and creatures. Paint your own models and share (or sell!) them in the marketplace.

World and Campaign Management

You can manage your entire campaign world in SceneGrinder, keeping track of scenes and locations with deep descriptions and notes. Quickly duplicate scenes and NPC's. Control which scenes are public for all players versus those which can only be viewed by a player with a character present at that location.

Game System Templates

Whether your thing is Dungeons & Dragons, Open Legend, Pathfinder, Fate... or any new systems being created by week... SceneGrinder ether already has a template or you can create your own... and even share them with other players.

Templates are really flexible way supporting any game system while allowing players to customize as needed. Your worlds can even have multiple templates... perhaps one for PC's and another for NPC's.

Lights and Field of Vision

Players can only see what their characters should see!

Character view is controlled by lights and limited by walls. Control the mood by turning down the lights. Turn them completely off and you got yourself an immersive dungeon. In a dark room, only characters with available light... or night vision... can see what's going on.