SceneGrinder Docs... an Intro

A Virtual Tabletop (VTT) is a digital tool used to simulate tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) online. It provides a virtual environment where players and Game Masters (GMs) can interact, roll dice, manage character sheets, and visualize game elements like maps and tokens. VTTs enhance remote gameplay by offering features for communication, character management, and automation of game mechanics.

SceneGrinder is an RPG platform that integrates VTT capabilities with a focus on character and entity management. It allows users to create, customize, and play RPG scenarios seamlessly. GMs oversee the game world, control NPCs, set scenes, and manage encounters. Players interact with the game environment, control their characters, make decisions, and engage in role-playing activities.

GMs in SceneGrinder use templates to define entities like characters, monsters, and NPCs. Templates establish the attributes and structure of these entities, ensuring consistency and facilitating gameplay automation. Character views present detailed information about characters to players and GMs, offering insights into stats, skills, equipment, and backstory. Avatar views provide visual representations of entities on the virtual tabletop with essential statistics for quick reference.

Players access character views to delve into their characters' details for strategic planning and role-playing immersion. Avatar views display summarized information about characters' presence and positioning in the game world. Both views work together harmoniously within SceneGrinder to provide a comprehensive RPG experience that balances detailed character management with visual gameplay elements.

The relationship between templates, character views, and avatar views is crucial for maintaining narrative coherence and gameplay efficiency in SceneGrinder. Templates define the data structure of entities, while character views present this data in a user-friendly format. Avatar views offer quick visual references for entity presence on the virtual tabletop. Together, these components enhance the RPG experience by streamlining data management and visual representation within the game environment.

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