Action Flows

Action Flows... and little AI and Journaling thrown in!

All new for you! We’ve created a seamless way to flow through any in-game action.

Action Flows guide players (and GMs!) through the step by step of… well… doing anything!

Some highlights include:

  • Compatible with any game system!
  • An intuitive user interface: When taking specified actions, pop-up windows appear at the top of your screen and continue to guide you through each step.
  • Versatility: Action Flows work for everything from combat to magics systems, as well as the ability to open additional Flows via Actions & Triggers.
  • Dice: Action Flows can be tied to the SceneGrinder dice system, capturing results and applying appropriately.
  • Story: The results of any step can be journaled.
  • AI: Dice rolls and game mechanics can (optionally) be sent to artificial intelligence to generate situational flavor text. Turn “Bluto rolled 14, beating AC 12” into “Bluto swung his sword over Gundamar’s shield, inflicting pain and agony… “ Well… you get the idea.

Action Flows not only help to keep things organized, they improve the general play time speed of your game, making it fast and exciting. (Stay tuned for a more in-depth dive into Actions Flows, which also includes opposed rolls.)

May fierce battles and fortune be upon ye! ⚔ More Gaming. Less Work.

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