SceneGrinder Update: Actions & Triggers

New Feature... Actions & Triggers

Actions & Triggers

Actions and Triggers are something the team is very excited about, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you as a community create for your players within your gaming worlds.

What are Actions & Triggers?

  • Simply put, ‘Actions’ are programmable elements GM's can place in their maps, which can enhance player immersion and interactivity.
    • Simple things like: Turning on lights, opening doors and windows, or even pushing that big red button that is labeled "Don't Push This Button".
  • Triggers make Actions happen. They are fired by player interaction or proximity. (i.e. The scout in the party moves into an adjacent room, but fails to notice the loose stone block on the floor which, when stepped on, closes and locks the door he passed through, locking the rest of the party in a different room. Which in turn spawns a Banshee.)

You see where we're going with this?

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